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(now rare) A shepherd; someone who tends to a flock of animals.· Someone with spiritual authority over a group of people· A minister or a priest in a Christian church. A bird, the rosy starling. 1944, Country Life (volume 95, page 820) Agricultural officers have put it on record that the pastor must on balance be considered.repeat definition: 1. to say or tell people something more than once: 2. to happen, or to do something, more than once: 3. to say the same thing again, or the same things again and again: Learn.Translingual: ·ISO 639 code for Old Provençal / Old Occitan.··An advantage of something, especially when contrasted with its disadvantages (cons). What are the pros and cons of buying a car? A person who supports a concept or principle.

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AIRCS (RBI, 1954) pointed out that “agricultural prices during the Survey year witnessed a stagnation followed by a steep decline for the first time in a period over ten years”.The Deer Trail Tour is a fun loop around Elliot Lake, through Blind River and Iron Bridge. Following river valleys, this route is twisty and has many hills. Although surface treated, there are a few rough roads which makes this loop more suited to the adventure touring type.Fall 2009 • Volume 9 P R A X I S Where Reflection Practice Meet Editor-in-Chief Deanna M. D'Amico Guthrie, MSW, LSW Editorial Board Priscilla Anzaldua.